Gabrielle Abbott
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As a child, I  knew art would be my profession.  In life, whenever I'm confused about a decision, I ask myself: "What's best for my art?" And that's the right choice. I began earning a living as a muralist and street artist in my early twenties, and since then my chalk installations have been commissioned around the world. After traveling and living abroad for nearly 10 years, I returned to my hometown Seattle in 2015 and I'm still living here. 

When I become interested in a subject,  I explore it with as many mediums as possible. My practice includes traditional 2D drawing and painting techniques, but also film, mixed media and installation.  I love teaching because it keeps me sharp and inspired. I am currently an adjunct professor of contemporary art at Antioch University, Seattle.

Last year I bought a Volkswagon Van and I hope  I can live in it full-time someday. In the meantime, fixing up "Freija" is my side project. Going to Burning Man is my spiritual pilgrimage, and I'm not embarrassed to say I believe LOVE can change the world. 

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